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AEZ Yacht SUV High Gloss Wheel

AEZ Yacht SUV High Gloss Wheel
306 USD
AEZ Yacht SUV High Gloss WheelAEZ Yacht SUV High Gloss Wheel

AEZ’s successful Yacht now available for SUVs of the upper-class.

AEZ has a new stylish model on the market which doesn’t set sail, but sets a clear benchmark: the spoke quintet which breaks powerfully out of the centre of the alloy is reminiscent of a grapnel anchor, while the sporty optics provide an extremely dynamic appearance. At the same time the elegance is emphasised as the AEZ Yacht seems to glide across the road. All the more so in the new size 8.5 x 19 inch, which is recommended for high calibre cars: the dynamic Yacht SUV underlines the curves of extraordinary SUVs, it suits dominant types such as the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLK, Porsche Cayenne or VW Touareg ideally. The wheel also gives the VW Tiguan, BMW X1 and X3 or Volvo XC 60 a special, powerful and elegant accent.

Product codeAEZ_YACHT_SUV_HG
Finishing:High Gloss
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
188.55x11248306 USD
188.55x12046306 USD
188.55x12048306 USD
188.55x12740306 USD
188.55x13050306 USD
198.55x11235373 USD
198.55x11250373 USD
198.55x114.338366 USD
198.55x12040366 USD
198.55x12046373 USD
198.55x12050373 USD
198.55x12740366 USD
198.55x12748366 USD
198.55x13050373 USD
2095x10835424 USD
2095x11235433 USD
2095x11240424 USD
2095x11250424 USD
2095x114.330424 USD
2095x12040433 USD
2095x12046242 USD
2095x12050379 USD
2095x12738424 USD
2095x13050433 USD
20105x11250443 USD
20105x12025452 USD
20105x12040452 USD
20105x13050452 USD
21105x12030534 USD
21105x13045534 USD
22105x12030582 USD
22105x12035582 USD
22105x12735582 USD
22105x13045582 USD
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