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Sparco Assetto Gara Matt Black Wheel

Sparco Assetto Gara Matt Black Wheel
139 USD
Sparco Assetto Gara Matt Black WheelSparco Assetto Gara Matt Black Wheel

Out of the partnership between two famous brands like OZ and SPARCO springs a new collection wheels for cars. Italian design, high-quality materials, OEM construction technologies, for an exclusive series of wheels with a strong penchant for racing.

Finishing:Matt Black
Manufacturing technology:Gravitational
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
156.54x10030139 USD
156.54x10037139 USD
156.54x10842139 USD
156.54x10818139 USD
1674x10037167 USD
1674x10042167 USD
1674x10842167 USD
1674x10816167 USD
1674x10825167 USD
1675x10035168 USD
1675x10840168 USD
1675x11235168 USD
1675x11248168 USD
1675x114.345168 USD
1774x10030196 USD
1774x10037196 USD
1774x10042196 USD
1774x10842196 USD
1774x10825196 USD
1775x10038196 USD
1775x114.345196 USD
177.55x10035202 USD
177.55x10845202 USD
177.55x11038202 USD
177.55x11235202 USD
177.55x11248202 USD
177.55x114.345202 USD
187.54x10035247 USD
187.54x10042247 USD
187.54x10838247 USD
187.54x10825247 USD
1885x10048253 USD
1885x10540253 USD
1885x10845253 USD
1885x11038253 USD
1885x11235253 USD
1885x11248253 USD
1885x114.345253 USD
1885x11542253 USD
1885x12040253 USD
1885x12029253 USD
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