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Tomason TN4 Hyperblack Polished Wheel

Tomason TN4 Hyperblack Polished Wheel
246 USD
Tomason TN4 Hyperblack Polished WheelTomason TN4 Hyperblack Polished Wheel

Tomason light alloy rims / wheels.

Synonymous for sportiness and elegance with a unique recognizing value! Discover the world of Tomason and convince yourself by the extravagant rim design!

Product codeTOMASON_TN4
Finishing:Hyperblack polished
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
188.55x10030246 USD
188.55x10840246 USD
188.55x11230246 USD
188.55x11240246 USD
188.55x114.340246 USD
188.55x12035246 USD
198.55x10840306 USD
198.55x11230306 USD
198.55x11240306 USD
198.55x114.340306 USD
198.55x12035306 USD
2095x10840375 USD
2095x11040375 USD
2095x11240375 USD
2095x114.340375 USD
2095x12048375 USD
2095x12040375 USD
2095x13048375 USD
22105x11245515 USD
22105x12040515 USD
22105x13050515 USD
22105x13040515 USD
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