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AEZ Straight Black Polished Wheel

AEZ Straight Black Polished Wheel
240 USD

The AEZ Straight is very effective in its interplay of dark and polished surfaces in particular. Even at first glance, the 10-spoke layout is very elegant and, well... straight. But the AEZ designers also had a few other aces up their sleeves. The very concave shape lends the Straight much plasticity and presence, particularly in combination with the darker rim well. And one-sided accompanying edges make the struts also appear asymmetrical - an exciting visual dynamism.

Finishing:Black Polished
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
177.54x10035240 USD
177.55x10848240 USD
177.55x11235240 USD
177.55x11240240 USD
177.55x11248240 USD
177.55x114.345204 USD
177.55x11540240 USD
177.55x12035240 USD
1884x10035304 USD
1885x10035304 USD
1885x10845304 USD
1885x11235304 USD
1885x11240304 USD
1885x11248304 USD
1885x114.348304 USD
1885x11540304 USD
1885x12030304 USD
1885x12035304 USD
1885x12042304 USD
198.55x10845370 USD
198.55x11031370 USD
198.55x11225370 USD
198.55x11235370 USD
198.55x11245370 USD
198.55x114.334370 USD
198.55x114.345370 USD
198.55x12033370 USD
198.55x12045370 USD
199.55x11225389 USD
199.55x11235389 USD
199.55x11245389 USD
208.55x11031427 USD
208.55x11235427 USD
208.55x11240427 USD
208.55x11245427 USD
208.55x114.335427 USD
208.55x114.345427 USD
208.55x12030427 USD
2095x11233454 USD
2095x12035454 USD
209.55x11228448 USD
209.55x11235448 USD
209.55x12040448 USD
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