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Dezent TY Graphite Wheel

Dezent TY Graphite Wheel
109 USD
Dezent TY Graphite WheelDezent TY Graphite Wheel

The DEZENT TY is a classic, timeless rim the exceptionality of which, as ever so often, lies in the detail. Rims are weighty components among unsprung mass parts. Optimisation or, in other words, the reduction of weight in this area results in a significant improvement and helps to lower fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions. The general rule is: The smaller the mass of the unsprung components, the better the driving qualities of a vehicle. Therefore, DEZENT has developed the new TY model, keeping in mind the best possible relation between material strength and weight. This was preceded by thorough planning and many stress tests.

Oozing a modern look and reduced to the bare essentials, convex and concave surfaces mix and offer one thing in particular: a variety of application possibilities for cars featuring 4- and 5-hole attachments in the 15–18-inch range. The classic elegance of the DEZENT TY gives models such as VW Golf, VW Passat, Audi A4 Avant or Mercedes C-Class extra dynamic. Furthermore, VTA is available for a number of other cars, which saves the trouble of registration. In short, it’s just plug & drive.

Product codeDEZENT_TY_GR
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
1564x10038, 44109 USD
1565x10038109 USD
1565x10537109 USD
1565x11243, 48109 USD
1565x114.335, 48109 USD
166.54x10040, 45120 USD
166.55x10038120 USD
166.55x10541120 USD
166.55x10850120 USD
166.55x11241, 46, 48120 USD
166.55x114.335, 40, 48120 USD
166.55x11541120 USD
1675x10848120 USD
1675x11235, 40, 48120 USD
1675x114.340, 48120 USD
1675x12031, 35, 40120 USD
1775x10542141 USD
1775x10848141 USD
1775x11238, 43, 48, 49141 USD
1775x114.340, 48141 USD
1775x11544141 USD
177.55x10848145 USD
177.55x11235, 40, 48145 USD
177.55x114.345145 USD
177.55x12035, 42145 USD
187.55x10540174 USD
187.55x10848174 USD
187.55x11238, 50174 USD
187.55x114.338, 50174 USD
187.55x11542174 USD
1885x10840, 45181 USD
1885x11235, 48, 53181 USD
1885x114.334, 40, 45181 USD
1885x12035, 45181 USD
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