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OZ All Terrain HyperXT HLT Star Graphite Diamond Lip Wheel

926 USD

For those who love speed and the adrenalin rush but, to reconcile the need for space, comfort and performance, chose an SUV and not a sports car, OZ has engineered the new HyperXT HLT SUV wheel.

The just-released HyperXT HLT extends its innovative performance features (introduced with the HyperGT HLT) to SUVs, making it the lightest mono-block SUV alloy wheel ever produced by OZ.

HLT technology ensures optimization of the structural strength-to-lightness ratio, achieving reduced wheel weight even on vehicles with very heavy axel loads, like the Porsche Macan, Mercedes GLE and GLC (even in the Coupe versions), BMW X6 and many others.

The design of the new HyperXT HLT alloy wheel reflects the family feeling of the HyperGT HLT, fortifying the spokes and making it even more powerful and muscular. The diamond-cut external rim also defines its perimeter, giving it an even edgier aggressiveness.

From now on, even if they’re not behind the wheel of a sports car, enthusiasts will no longer have to make a secret of their passion for performance; even those who choose an SUV can stand out from the crowd, mounting bespoke wheels on their ride to show off its sporty side.

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