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OZ I Tech Ultraleggera HLT Gloss Black Wheel

OZ I Tech Ultraleggera HLT Gloss Black Wheel
627 USD

OZ I Tech. From the racetrack to the road. OZ’s true soul. They are used to winning all the most important car racing competitions in the world, and are therefore ideal for professionals and fanatics.

Not simply light. These wheels are produced with HLT technology that couples lightness and resistance, necessary to pass the strictest tests. The newest expression of Hight Light Technology wheels, with the use of the highest technology derived from the experience gathered in F1 racing and in the main world racing events.

Thanks to channel coating, the HLT process makes it possible to obtain mechanical characteristics that are similar to those of a moulded wheel, increasing drastically resistance, with a consequent reduction of the weight of the wheel.

Finishing:Gloss black
Manufacturing technology:Low pressure casting process, Heat Treatment, HTL
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
1985x10035627 USD
1985x11235, 41, 45627 USD
1985x12035627 USD
198.55x10827, 45651 USD
198.55x11040651 USD
198.55x11232, 32, 38, 47651 USD
198.55x114.338651 USD
198.55x12029, 34, 40651 USD
198.55x120.6559651 USD
198.55x13049, 53651 USD
1995x11230, 42656 USD
1995x12040656 USD
1995x9848656 USD
199.55x11225, 40663 USD
199.55x114.340663 USD
199.55x12023, 34, 40663 USD
19105x11232670 USD
19105x11232916 USD
19105x12023, 32670 USD
19105x120.6540670 USD
19105x13040, 40670 USD
19115x10835713 USD
19115x11242, 45713 USD
19115x13040, 50, 65713 USD
19125x13051, 68746 USD
2085x11245830 USD
208.55x11055774 USD
208.55x11232, 35, 45774 USD
208.55x11439774 USD
208.55x114.325, 40774 USD
208.55x11540774 USD
208.55x12034774 USD
208.55x13050, 55774 USD
20105x11235801 USD
20105x114.325, 35801 USD
20105x12022, 35801 USD
20105x13045801 USD
20115x11247831 USD
20115x11456831 USD
20115x120.6575831 USD
20115x13050, 57, 65831 USD
2011.55x13052, 70846 USD
20125x120.6557858 USD
20125x13051858 USD
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