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mbDesign LV2 Bronze Light Polish Wheel

mbDesign LV2 Bronze Light Polish Wheel
574 USD

Exclusive lightweight alloy wheels - Made in Germany.

Product codeMB_LV2_BZLP
Finishing:Bronze light polish
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
198.55x10032574 USD
198.55x10845574 USD
198.55x10850574 USD
198.55x11035574 USD
198.55x11235574 USD
198.55x11245574 USD
198.55x11250574 USD
198.55x114.345574 USD
198.55x114.350574 USD
198.55x11535574 USD
198.55x12042574 USD
208.55x10845666 USD
208.55x10850666 USD
208.55x11235666 USD
208.55x11245666 USD
208.55x11250666 USD
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