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MSW Avantgarde MSW 71 Gloss Black Wheel

MSW Avantgarde MSW 71 Gloss Black Wheel
178 USD

The latest addition to the MSW Avantgarde collection was designed as an alternative to the OEM wheels on vehicles like the Audi A3 and A4, the Volkswagen Golf, Mercedes A Class and C Class and many others.

The aggressive, streamlined design of the new MSW 71 is immediately eye-catching and memorable.

Positioned alternate to the lug holes, the 5 double spokes start out thin and tapered at the center, becoming broader as they lengthen toward the external rim of the wheel. This allows the spokes to make a fluid junction with the rim well, and at the same time maintain their smooth lines and the strength of the wheel.

The slight curve at the half-way point of the spoke adds to the sensation of movement and heightens the dynamic feel of the wheel itself.

MSW 71 is OE CAP READY, that is, designed to accept the original Volkswagen, Audi and even Ford hub caps.

Product codeMSW AVANTGARDE 71 GB
Finishing:Gloss Black
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
177.55x10035178 USD
177.55x10538178 USD
177.55x10845178 USD
177.55x11235, 45, 45, 50178 USD
177.55x114.340, 45178 USD
1885x10538212 USD
1885x10845, 50212 USD
1885x11035, 40212 USD
1885x11228, 35, 42, 50212 USD
1885x114.340, 45212 USD
1985x10842, 45244 USD
1985x11034244 USD
1985x11235, 45, 49244 USD
1985x114.340, 45244 USD
1985x12029, 35, 45244 USD
198.55x10845258 USD
198.55x11230, 38, 44, 50258 USD
198.55x12029, 35, 47258 USD
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