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OZ Sport Rally Dark Graphite Silver Lettering Wheel

OZ Sport Rally Dark Graphite Silver Lettering Wheel
356 USD

OZ Racing. From the racetrack to the road. OZ’s true soul. They are used to winning all the most important car racing competitions in the world, and are therefore ideal for professionals and fanatics.

The timeless and genuine racing icon is reborn. The waiting is over. Rally Racing, the wheel that made history in rally racing, is back with an even more modern and aggressive look. In the 90’s OZ put in the best performance at the World Rally Championships, where it fitted tires on the cars of some of the most important teams competing. One was the Toyota team led by pilot Carlos Sainz who actually won his first world title in 1990. The wheel is white with a recognizable central “disc” that sports the red OZ Racing logo written twice. The new Rally Racing wheel has the same distinguishing features, albeit updated. Using its timeless look as the starting point, the new Rally Racing wheel has been given new exclusive details such as the spoke shape which overlaps with the central disc and gives the wheel a different look, by making it seem even larger and more aggressive. The central disc is flat and features the traditional OZ Racing logo written twice.

Finishing:Dark Graphite Silver Lettering
DiameterWidthPCDETPrice / Piece
187.55x10048356 USD
187.55x11038356 USD
187.55x11235, 46, 50356 USD
187.55x114.345, 50, 53356 USD
187.55x12047356 USD
187.55x16048356 USD
1885x10035, 45359 USD
1885x10845359 USD
1885x11038359 USD
1885x11235, 45, 45, 48359 USD
1885x114.345359 USD
1885x12045, 45359 USD
1985x10035430 USD
1985x10842430 USD
1985x11235, 45, 49430 USD
1985x114.345430 USD
1985x12029430 USD
198.55x10845442 USD
198.55x11230, 38, 44442 USD
198.55x114.338, 45442 USD
198.55x12029, 47442 USD
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